Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jake's Wake/Kirby's Reunion!

Last weekend in Wichita some friends organized a reunion of the grizzled sots and wised-up former grifters who hung around in Kirby's back in the 8-0s and early 90s. Unfortunately the thing turned into a wake for uber-regular and comic genius Jake Euker, who died earlier in the week. Nonetheless a good time was had, as they say, by all, and in the best tradition of wakes many Jake stories were told and many glasses lifted.
Without naming names:
 Standing outside in the grand parking lot tradition.
 Who is this sultry, leering temptress?
 Someone looks surprised! Perhaps an "off color" remark?
Music! Featuring on vocals a young lady whose parents were regulars before she was even born. Proud papa is on sax at left.
This guy's laughing because he doesn't own the place any more.

For a view of the place in those long-gone, halcyon days, see:
More to come!

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  1. Nice pics! Wish I coulda been there.