Thursday, August 16, 2012


Did you know that the adjective relating to ventriloquism is "ventriloquial?" Which as a child I mispronounced adorably as "ven-tril-o-quo-yal." I had the notion at one point that I wanted to be a ventriloquist. My parents wouldn't let me have a dummy, though, and no one really wants to see a ventriloquist talking with his empty hand.  So here's a Jerry Mahoney dummy I found:
Here's something I bet you didn't know: Paul Winchell, Jerry Mahoney's creator and manipulator and vocal source, also co-invented one of the first artificial hearts with Dr. Henry Heimlich, of Maneuvering fame.


  1. I stumbled upon a true crime blog article on the Bender Family.

  2. Scott, I once owned the deluxe version of this dummy, which was about ten-percent larger and had both moving eyes and a rotating head.

  3. Gar, can you still throw your voice?

  4. Willoughby Featherstone ShadAugust 30, 2012 at 2:57 AM

    Revealed! Now we know where the expression "Talk to the hand!" first originated.