Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey! Remember me?

All right, folks, it's back to active blogging! Here's something I found in the men's restroom of a respectable family restaurant in the Four Corners region of Colorado:
Actually, it was my brother who spotted it and told me I should go have a look. It appears someone was less than enchanted by the "Super Studded" selection!


  1. Is the Savage Bliss also 75 cents? ===========================
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"
    Detectives Beyond Borders

  2. 75 pennies! Or three quarters. Del Norte is the name of the town.

  3. "Reservoir End".... This suggests that there are women knocking about who enjoy having a reservoir inserted into their lap.

    I put it to you that such women are a small -- albeit highly aquatic -- minority.