Sunday, August 17, 2014

A modest plea!

Hey! Remember how I hadn't "blogged" (thank you, Dr. Pendarvis, for the loan of the inverted double-commas) in about a year? Well, I started it up again last week, and now I have a request!

Actor Walter Olkewicz, an old and dear friend of my cousin Janet's, is a wonderful character actor whose work you have enjoyed whether you know his name or not. Starting way on TV back with the Rockford Files (his first credit), through Barney Miller, Cheers, Married With Children, Family Ties, Twin Peaks (TWIN PEAKS!!!),Grace Under Fire and Seinfeld, and in movies like The Client and Spielberg's 1941, Walter has been gracing the big and small screens with performances of wit and grace. And he's a wonderful, sweet guy as well. I promise you'd like him.

He's now got some serious health problems that insurance isn't covering, and he needs some serious medical work to save his leg. If you can will you please make a donation to the Indigogo campaign below, and if not can you pass the link along via your preferred forms of social media--Facebook, Twitter, your blog, smoke signals, party line telephone, grabbing random strangers by their lapels and demanding they listen?

The muses will smile on you if you do so.

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