Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Musical Saw

Here's a stereo image I had scanned by a lab because the original image wasn't showing up in my own scans with  the detail I was able to get from a darkroom. I used to see this fellow occasionally around the Centre Pompidou in Paris. One day in the mid-eighties I asked if I could take his picture and he said okay:
It's a nice 3D image, with the saw and the bow making for some nice relief. As I recall, his playing was haunting and lovely, and he was very good-natured about getting his pitcher took.


  1. I LOVE this photo! What is this gentleman's name?
    I played the musical saw by the Centre Pompidou a few years ago. Nice to know I was continuing a tradition :) This is me playing in NYC

    1. Unfortunately I don't remember his name--I ran into him a few years later and was going to send him a print but lost the slip of paper with his name and address.