Monday, February 25, 2013

Carole Mallory Exorcises "Picasso's Ghost"

Those of you who know me well know that I don't like the e-tail behemoth named after a certain South American river. But today and today only (this is the third day, I just didn't think of doing this until now, so sue me) you can get my friend Carole Mallory's memoir Picasso's Ghost on your e-reader for free via this link!

She's a real sweetheart. If Woody Allen's Zelig had been a beautiful woman, she would have been Carole Mallory. Model, actress ("the Stepford Wives," "Looking for Mr. Goodbar"), novelist ("Flash"), now memoirist, she tells the story of her amazing trajectory through Paris, New York and Hollywood, her engagement to Picasso's son Claude, and her liaisons with Peter Sellers, Rod Stewart, De Niro, Mailer and others, as well as encounters with Princess Grace, Jack Nicholson and more. 

If you miss the free e-reader, you can still but it cheap. Or better yet, go order a hard copy from your local independent bookseller!


  1. Very good article. Congratulations.thanks for that great info

  2. Scott, Just saw this photo and read what you wrote. How kind of you. Your friend, Carole