Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Cake, More Lady

Here she is again, continuing her journey into erotic reverie, Jazz Age-style. Here's #10:
 She's lighting candles again, but without the wistful look! What do you suppose happened in #9, which is missing from my set? (I'm not quite sure if I ever had it.)
#11: Here she seems to have lapsed back into a pleasant state of sexy thoughtfulness, or thoughtful sexiness. Maybe she's thinking about Gilbert Roland, or maybe she's more of a William S. Hart kind of gal, or maybe she's dreaming of Lilian Gish's loving embrace.
 In #12 she just had an especially naughty thought.
 And in #13 she's looking right at you again, as though she just remembered she's being photographed.
 And finally, in #14, she gives in to temptation and uncovers her lovely bosom and slides her diaphonous garment  twixt her nether limbs!
And for some reason the breasts are covered again in #15, the last in the series. I wonder what ever happened to her.

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