Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dead Coyote

From the attic of an antique mall in Alton, Illinois, a rather sad-looking coyote.

He almost looks tame! I wish I'd taken a better close-up picture of him and his bedraggled lower jaw and broken ear.

 Now compare him with his fierce relation in some town I passed through in the Kansas Flint Hills sometime in the eighties:
Double Bonus! On the floor to the right is a coyote rug, and in the shadows of the upper right-hand corner, there's a bobcat. Bobcats are increasingly important to this blog.

I seem to recall I was passing through late on a Sunday afternoon and the whole town was shut down and spooky. I'd say this was the scariest sporting goods store in America.


  1. Dennis Ray McMillan, guitarrista and aspiring mendicant at largeJuly 7, 2012 at 11:22 AM

    Scott, due to these past few days' blog-posts, Ah believe, in TAW-talk, that you can now be considered to have gone "hog-ass wild." There is no more to be said. Or is the correct term "hog-assed wild?" You be the judge. . . .

  2. The scariest sporting goods store I was ever in was in South Carolina. They had not one, but TWO stuffed razorbacks in there, among other various sized game. And there was a big rack of porn mags right by the checkout lines. I felt like Cletus and Clovis were eye-fucking me the entire time I was in the store too. Freaked me out.

  3. You don't recall the town's name do you?

  4. Gerald, I don't, except if you're driving from Lawrence to Wichita and you go through the Flint Hills instead of the KS turnpike, there it is. And at the city limits there's a sign informing you that some country musician or another claims it as his hometown.

  5. I'll keep my eyes open but we'll be taking highway 56 West from MO to Lindsborg so I doubt I'll cross it. For that matter, I'd be surprised if the store still exists.

  6. The photo is about 25 years old....