Sunday, July 8, 2012

As heartwarming a blog post as I'll ever write.

Here's a beautifully lithographed poster advertising the serialization in Le Petit Journal of la Mascotte des Poilus, a 1916 novel by French pulp master Arnould Galopin. The book isn't much remembered--it's a sentimental thing about French soldiers ("poilus," or "hairies") adopting a little girl during WWI.

But it was adapted for the screen in 1918, and you can see the film in its entirety here:

The soldier on the right isn't very poilu, and in fact seems to be wearing a lot of eye makeup and lipstick, and I have been wondering whether or not this is meant to be a camp follower....(click to enlarge)

And check out the blood coming out of the dead Hun!


  1. What's a camp follower? I can't read French but I wonder if this poster might be promoting a theatre production of the novel, or even the upcoming film. Might explain heavy makeup on the soldier/actor.
    What does it say exactly?

  2. A camp follower is a prostitute that follows a military unit from camp to camp. The poster is for a serialization in the magazine le Petit Journal, shortly prior to the book itself coming out...

  3. a groupie duh, now I have to watch the film.

  4. Years ago camp followers also included families and suttlers. Nowadays we have Skype and Kellogg, Brown & Root.