Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part One

Every day I eagerly await the arrival of the day's mail, even though there's almost never anything for me. Imagine my surprise and delight yesterday, then, when I received three packages addressed to me, and all of them gifts. The above Natty Boh t-shirt was the least weird of the bunch, so I'm starting with it. It's from my friends Jeff and Jane of Baltimore, and I am delighted to wear it here. The other two will come up on the site in the next few days, followed by the weirdest of all, an anniversary present from my wife. It will freak you out.


  1. Love the shirt, love the facial hair. The expression is a bit stern.

  2. Ok, the suspense is killing us. Go ahead...draw it out.

  3. All that Dostoyevsky would have needed to complete "The Look" is that T-shirt.

    So near and yet so far, Fyodor!