Thursday, August 11, 2011

Encounters on the Road with Art

From an antique mall in Wichita:
I don't know what he's staring at but I'm glad it's not me. Next, a treasure from the same Michigan City IN antique mall where last year I failed to buy the sad clown painting:

It's a painting of John-John Kennedy, bravely saluting his Daddy's coffin as it rolls by! If you click to enlarge you'll see that the artist has affixed a copyright to the picture, which is funny since she copied it straight off of a copyrighted photo. Intellectual property lawyers, I can feel you salivating out there!

And speaking of JFK, here's a velvet rendering of the unholy chimera he spawned with Ronald Reagan, from Terre Haute IN:
And back to Michigan City, where the same stall (I think) that had the sad clown now features this charming landscape:
Just and ordinary picture of a sylvan view? Not so fast! A closer look reveals that this rocky place is haunted by transparent phantoms!
Amazingly, I didn't bring any of these home.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Noir@theBar: the anthology!

Here's the cover, by Matt Kindt, for the Noir at the Bar anthology, available exclusively through Subterranean Books:

And here's the trailer I cut for it: Play it full screen and turn it up REAL LOUD!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Trailer

Here's the trailer for "The Adjustment," now available at your local booksellers. Take this and repost it everywhere you can!

Unfortunately BlogSpot won't let me post a video of this size directly onto the page, and when I try to embed the link it comes up blank, so you'll have to cut the link and paste it into your browser window (any of you BlogSpot users have suggestions for a fix?)

Be sure and watch full screen!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baseball Card

My favorite baseball artifact of all time, except for the Honus Wagner card I used to make my bike spokes make that keen sprockety sound. This is for all those people who take me to task, insisting that Americans of a bygone era did not use the kind of foul language I routinely put in their filthy, filthy old mouths. Click to enlarge, and savor its lack of couth. [UNMAILABLE. Must be forwarded by Express.]

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Filthy, Filthy eBooks for your Perverted Pleasure

It's been five months since I last bothered you, but I have important news: Two (2!)new e-books from Concord ePress, the electronic division of the Concord Free Press. The proceeds from these e-books go to support the Free Press's charitable mission in addition to helping pay my mortgage. The first, "Rum, Sodomy and False Eyelashes," is a collection of stories, including one previously unpublished and several that are hard to find elsewhere, and the second is "Rut," my dystopian novel published last year by Concord's Free Press division as a charitable giveaway. Only now you get a swell introduction by the very generous Gregory Maguire--author of "The Next Queen of Heaven" as well as a small cultural phenomenon you may have heard of entitled "Wicked." And there are other books in this d├ębut group, including one from Stona Fitch ("Senseless") and one by Matthew McBride ("Frank Sinatra in a Blender"--how can you resist that title?) Buy 'em all!

(And here are those links I failed to post yesterday when this first went up, you'll have to cut and paste them into your browser because for some reason this damned page won't let me post them as clickable links: sodomy and false eyelashes/

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally, the Weirdest Gift I Ever Received

Sorry for all the delays. I'd like to claim that I was busy but the fact is I've been too freaked out by the sinister vibes emitted by this anniversary gift from my wife to have much enthusiasm for taking the thing out of its box:

She told me I'd be creeped out by it. "I doubt it," I said. When I started unwrapping it, my first guess was that it was a piece of antique stereoscopic equipment. Then I thought: Welding goggles?

But no, the lens covers were perfectly opaque--metal painted black--and in any case the turrets held no glass. I was baffled, at least until my wife bade me read the card that came with it:

So that explains the sweat stains in the leather. How many men died wearing these, I wonder?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Help Butch

I know I'm way behind on The Weirdest Gift I Ever Got, but here's my chance to do two Christa Faust posts in a row--the good Dr.'s dog Butch, damn near my favorite dog ever, has had some serious veterinary problems and Christa's expenses have been near-catastrophic. So be a pal and copy the link, paste it into your browser window and make a small donation.

And next week, the Weirdest Gift I Ever Received.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part Three

Actually "Four Unusual Gifts" is misleading, since one big padded manila envelope from the redoubtable Christa Faust contained multitudes. If you're reading this blog you are probably familiar with Doc Faust, author of many fine tomes, most notably "Money Shot" and the forthcoming "Choke Hold," among many others. (And if you're not, get your ass in gear! I have spoken.) This envelope contained several choice morsels of (gulp) vintage erotica, mostly of the S&M variety and most of which I can't post on this blog without putting up an "Adults Only!" portal. To say that I was delighted upon opening this cornucopia of illicit thrills is to understate the case considerably. Penetrating commentary! And one of them ""Punished Peepers," with illustrations by the great Bill Ward, comes with a large, unidentifiable stain.

Next: the weirdest present I ever received, ever. Really.

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part Two

This one you should really click on to savor the detail. It's a gift from my close pal and confidante Megan Abbott, to whom I had recently confessed a liking for ladies with prominent teeth. I recently wrote a short story about a guy with a tooth fetish, so when she saw this she felt she had to send it along.

And now I ask myself: Is this a facet of my inner life that I would have shared with the world before the advent of this blog? No, I think it is not.

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part One

Every day I eagerly await the arrival of the day's mail, even though there's almost never anything for me. Imagine my surprise and delight yesterday, then, when I received three packages addressed to me, and all of them gifts. The above Natty Boh t-shirt was the least weird of the bunch, so I'm starting with it. It's from my friends Jeff and Jane of Baltimore, and I am delighted to wear it here. The other two will come up on the site in the next few days, followed by the weirdest of all, an anniversary present from my wife. It will freak you out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm still here!

My good pal Sophie Littlefield (for whom it's never a bad day for pretty) and I conducted a no-holds barred grudge match over at the Mulholland Books blog: