Thursday, August 11, 2011

Encounters on the Road with Art

From an antique mall in Wichita:
I don't know what he's staring at but I'm glad it's not me. Next, a treasure from the same Michigan City IN antique mall where last year I failed to buy the sad clown painting:

It's a painting of John-John Kennedy, bravely saluting his Daddy's coffin as it rolls by! If you click to enlarge you'll see that the artist has affixed a copyright to the picture, which is funny since she copied it straight off of a copyrighted photo. Intellectual property lawyers, I can feel you salivating out there!

And speaking of JFK, here's a velvet rendering of the unholy chimera he spawned with Ronald Reagan, from Terre Haute IN:
And back to Michigan City, where the same stall (I think) that had the sad clown now features this charming landscape:
Just and ordinary picture of a sylvan view? Not so fast! A closer look reveals that this rocky place is haunted by transparent phantoms!
Amazingly, I didn't bring any of these home.


  1. I don't know where you travel, good sir, but there are talented painters in your area.

  2. @Ben: He said exactly where he had traveled - Wichita (KS), Michigan City and Terre Haute (both IN). It seems like these towns define an area that is to the fine arts what abortion is to Michele Bachmann.