Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Will of Landru

Here's another picture I found in Wichita. Where is this, and what are these men doing? My first thought was that everyone was leaving church, but in that case where are the womenfolk? The seller suggested that it was a parade, but my impression is that it's mass hypnosis and they've been sent out on some sort of unspeakable 19th century mission by a local Svengali. They do bear a certain resemblance costume-wise to the people of Landru, don't they?


  1. This picture is from beginning of Festival?

    The camera faces North perhaps. So there are only men. The South facing camera is lost to time. That is why we do not see the Females approaching FESTIVAL.

    Rumours of Outlanders have been heard!

  2. Is the location established as Wichita?