Saturday, January 9, 2010

Uncle Fester Brings Relief

This is another Wichita find. Jackie Coogan, still a huge child star in the wake of Chaplin's "The Kid," participates in a bit of publicity. The letterhead on the back of the photo is from the production company his parents Jack and Lilian Coogan ran. After Jack Sr.'s death Lilian married Arthur Berstein, and the pair chiseled Jackie out of so much dough that a Hollywood child labor law that was enacted shortly thereafter was known popularly as the Coogan Bill.

And he grew up to be Uncle Fester on TV. He's already starting to look a little bit like him in this picture, bangs and sailor suit notwithstanding....


  1. He looks like a real smartass in that picture.

    Maybe he had it coming.

  2. I would love a higher resolution copy of this photo sent to my email address