Friday, January 1, 2010

Silver Naked Lady

Happy New Year. Please click to enlarge this prime example of '30s studio "art" photography. The subject, clad only in g-string, headdress and copious amounts of silver body paint, is one Carella Alden, who I can only assume was a dancer at the time the picture was taken (it's addressed to a certain Aline, a dancer who retired to Wichita to open a dancing school.) All I've been able to determine about Carella is that she was later a successful author of books about Persian, Japanese and early American art, some of them for children. From a Wichita flea market that yielded a number of photographic surprises this December.


  1. hey, were they selling the headdress too? gotta nab that - would look great on you sp

  2. Go here posthaste...."where all the bad shirts go"