Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kirby's Beer Store

Here's a shot circa 1989 of future Ph.D. Mark Munzinger behind the bar at Kirby's, back in the days when he and Richard Davies owned and operated the place. More to come, including some shots of the obscene men's room graffiti from that long lost era. Click to enlarge and savor the unsavory details.


  1. From a distance this man could be Warren Zevon's stand-in.

  2. Hey, that guy's look is what I've been trying to achieve for months now!

    Except the plaid shirt.


  3. In those days I used to hang out at a place called Pokey's after shifts at the hospital. We'd start the night there, run around the countryside and then finish back up there for last call. The men's room floor was so fucking disgusting that falling down in there would have been like slipping though a hole in Arctic ice - there'd be no hope for you. Guys used to get beaten half to death in the parking lot and the cops were always stationed up the street after midnight. I miss it.