Monday, June 29, 2009

Where Wayne lived

Here are two pictures of the building on East Douglas where psycho ex-quartermaster/pimp Wayne Ogden lived briefly with his unfortunate wife Sally in 1946. The Tiki God in the second snap seems to be warding off his malevolent presence. (This is from my just-finished novel "Supply Sarge," which my agent found so offensive she won't be sending it out. Any suggestions would be most welcome.)


  1. Not even sending it out? Sonofabitch. Very sorry to hear that.

  2. I got a real good suggestion.

    Fire that f$%#ing agent and get repped by someone who can handle the hard stuff.


  3. Anytime, bro. That's what I'm here for.

  4. I don't have a suggestion, but I hope you'll keep us posted about what happens with the book. I recently had an agent who declined to send out a manuscript, saying the market was weak for organized crime stories. She said I was welcome to shop it herself, but then expected me to bring any offers to her so she could read the contract and collect her 15%. To me, the horror of manuscript shopping is why I wanted an agent in the first place.

    We have since parted ways.

    Good luck with this. I recently read THE ICE HARVEST and loved it.

  5. Thanks, Dana...publishing is a very, very stupid industry from top to bottom.

  6. What the hell?
    Did she not read your books before she signed you as a client?
    I'd say fire your agent and try finding a publisher on your own, or hire one who isn't so squimish.

  7. The book offended an agent?!?

    I want to read it!!!!!

  8. Scott - yes, you said it all: a very, very stupid industry!