Monday, June 29, 2009

Poster of the Day

Click as always to enlarge. I picked up this four sheet in Paris sometime in the early eighties. It's enormous and I have no place to hang it but someday I'll get all these framed (more to come). This is for the French release of "Stroszek," starring Bruno S. (hence the title "La Ballade de Bruno"), one of my favorites of all time. Shot mostly in Eddie Gein's hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin! Apparently Herzog and Errol Morris hatched a scheme during the shoot to dig up Eddie's mother, a plan that came to nought.
And music by Chet Atkins and Sonny Terry!


  1. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen this movie. Even more ashamed to admit that I have avoided ever even hearing about it until now.

    Sonny Terry and Chet Atkins? I need to see this movie.

  2. I saw Les Blank speak once, and he said that Herzog and Morris had a weird theory that Ed G. had made a tunnel to Mother's grave.

    Of course that's re-godaman-diculous.She would never allow such foolishness.