Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Cabinet of Dr. Sweeney, plus Bonus Ghost Sign

 A couple of years ago my filmmaker friend Mark W. Stone took me on a tour of the neighborhood where Dr. Francis Sweeney, almost certainly Cleveland's infamous Torso Killer, had his practice.
 Which building it was is impossible to say at this point, but these were the buildings that held those sorts of offices at that time.
 This one still houses some medical offices.
 On the right, a library converted into a chapel.....

 And here, windows both broken and boarded up.
And finally, a really nice Ghost Sign, in multiple languages (Czech?) advertising Mail Pouch tobacco.


  1. Sweeney could have been Czech ancestory, Cerveny, and changed it to American sounding? Will have to read up on this doctor, if he was in a Czech neighbourhood! Thanks for posting!

  2. No, he was 2nd generation Irish, no name change. The neighborhood in those days was home to many ethnic groups and races. Sweeney was an alcoholic and dope addict, which effectively killed any shot he had at a respectable medical career. His cousin was the local US Representative.