Saturday, September 29, 2012

Human Remains for Sale, Paris, 1985

I'll bet that headline is going to get me some interesting Google searches. This skeletal hand and its companion foot were on sale at a bookstall on the Left Bank of the Seine in that halcyon summer of 1985:
Sorry I've been backsliding this week! I've been busy scanning and cleaning up old negatives like this one. Tomorrow I head for Oxford, Mississippi to talk to my friend Jack Pendarvis's class about Wichita in the 1940s, thence to Atlanta, Georgia to record some video with my friend Lane Davies, thence to Columbia, Tennessee to see my cousin Lindsey Page and then to Nashville to visit Roy Acuff's Record Store! So believe you me I will have lots to blog about.


  1. Just be careful you don't go wanderin' down that Lost Highway,'ll come back howlin' harmonies, in that High Lonesome Sound.


  2. Whoops! It's Ernest Tubbs's Record Shop! Roy Acuff doesn't have one. You should go to Ernest's, though, it's pretty great.