Monday, August 27, 2012

The Lady and the Cake, Part 2

Here are more scans of the lovely lady, clad only in a diaphonous wisp of a garment, cavorting with a birthday cake. Scans 4 through eight follow!

Cycling through the spectrum of human emotions, here in #4 she's carefree!
In #5 she's thoughtful, lighting a candle and reflecting on something deep and wonderful--
#6 finds her having a happy thought, perhaps of a far-off loved one.
But in #7 she's reminded of something sad--though her right nipple seems to have perked up between shots.
And in #8 she's practically mournful. Sorry she's still dressed! For the next and last installment she will be partially disrobed, I promise.


  1. #7 I know this look. "Are you kidding me? I baked you a fucking cake and you forgot to stop for ice cream?"

    1. But why would that make her nipples swell? (I'm assuming the other one is as well.)

    2. We get all excited when we know we are about to win an argument. You know the lazy bastard went back to the store for ice cream, and probably brought flowers, too.