Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hipsters and Hammett in Redbook, 1933

I picked this up a few years ago in Wichita, the issue of Redbook featuring the first appearance of "The Thin Man." It's a full-length novel, although I don't know if the text is precisely the same as the finished book.

It's right purty, though, ain't it? Sorry about the bottom of the scan, the mag was just too big for the scanner. And here's the back cover:
 PBR! That's all it took to be a Hipster back in '33, just frameless glasses and a white moustache and a three-piece suit and a meat fork! Look at the posers in the mirror, trying to out-hip this guy! They look so self-conscious and defeated!


  1. Uh the ah "hipster" is Bob Smerd ,Insurance Agent! But maybe that's why he is so hip.

  2. Actually that advertisement isn't even vintage. It first appeared last year in Tattoo Butts Magazine, unfortunately Pabst missed the boat on this fad. The Teddy Roosevelt look fizzled out in 2010 when some dickhead shot the shit out of a bear at CBGB's in St. Louis. That was the last bear in Missouri too. Strangely enough it happened to be a polar bear, which is also endangered. You know what they say, once a fad hits the midwest its already over.

    Oh and Scott, the people in the mirror are ghosts of communists. Thats why they look so dour. You're welcome for the history lesson.