Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vintage General Store Madness!

In Western Illinois, in the small city of Mount Carroll sits a small building on the town square that still bears a sign reading GENERAL STORE. The day we were there it was officially closed but still accessible through the café next door.

Holy Mackerel! This place was a wonderland of dead-stock toys, clothing and other gimcrack doodads and assorted gewgaws. Click to enlarge and savor the outdated electronic connection devices!

 I think the General Store is where Charlie Arglist would buy his Christmas presents if he were still around. Enlarge to get a load of the cheap old plastic playthings: 

 Ladies, are you looking for vintage accessories and odd articles of clothing preserved in metaphorical amber? A "No-scuff" Heel Pad, perhaps? "Ped" brand sheer nylon stretch shoe liners? Would your fellow enjoy seeing you in a "Temptease" brand leotard, circa 1980? It's got "Terri Guard,"the Knitted -In Seamless Cotton Terry Crotch!

 Non-flammable hair extensions of the finest quality!
More toys! Does your child require a Dr. Beverly Crusher action figure? It can be had here.
Finally, a classic, old-timey scale. I wish I'd bought it.


  1. I would like one Temptease, please. Are they available in fuchsia?

  2. Isn't that any awfully large stock for Charlie?

  3. Based on the one Mrs. Phillips purchased, I would describe the color as "Dr. Pepper." I will purchase one for you on my next trip through, Kelly. And Ms. A, yes, that is a large selection, but he would just randomly grab some of them according to the intended gender.