Thursday, January 27, 2011

Help Butch

I know I'm way behind on The Weirdest Gift I Ever Got, but here's my chance to do two Christa Faust posts in a row--the good Dr.'s dog Butch, damn near my favorite dog ever, has had some serious veterinary problems and Christa's expenses have been near-catastrophic. So be a pal and copy the link, paste it into your browser window and make a small donation.

And next week, the Weirdest Gift I Ever Received.


  1. For those who prefer clicking on a link to copying and pasting, here you go (directly to the donate to Butch PayPal site).

    Or to Christa's post about Butch.

  2. Thanks, Sara....I've been having some formatting problems with Blogspot, otherwise I'd have made it a straight link.

  3. Define "next week".