Thursday, January 27, 2011

Help Butch

I know I'm way behind on The Weirdest Gift I Ever Got, but here's my chance to do two Christa Faust posts in a row--the good Dr.'s dog Butch, damn near my favorite dog ever, has had some serious veterinary problems and Christa's expenses have been near-catastrophic. So be a pal and copy the link, paste it into your browser window and make a small donation.

And next week, the Weirdest Gift I Ever Received.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part Three

Actually "Four Unusual Gifts" is misleading, since one big padded manila envelope from the redoubtable Christa Faust contained multitudes. If you're reading this blog you are probably familiar with Doc Faust, author of many fine tomes, most notably "Money Shot" and the forthcoming "Choke Hold," among many others. (And if you're not, get your ass in gear! I have spoken.) This envelope contained several choice morsels of (gulp) vintage erotica, mostly of the S&M variety and most of which I can't post on this blog without putting up an "Adults Only!" portal. To say that I was delighted upon opening this cornucopia of illicit thrills is to understate the case considerably. Penetrating commentary! And one of them ""Punished Peepers," with illustrations by the great Bill Ward, comes with a large, unidentifiable stain.

Next: the weirdest present I ever received, ever. Really.

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part Two

This one you should really click on to savor the detail. It's a gift from my close pal and confidante Megan Abbott, to whom I had recently confessed a liking for ladies with prominent teeth. I recently wrote a short story about a guy with a tooth fetish, so when she saw this she felt she had to send it along.

And now I ask myself: Is this a facet of my inner life that I would have shared with the world before the advent of this blog? No, I think it is not.

Four unusual gifts, in order of strangeness: Part One

Every day I eagerly await the arrival of the day's mail, even though there's almost never anything for me. Imagine my surprise and delight yesterday, then, when I received three packages addressed to me, and all of them gifts. The above Natty Boh t-shirt was the least weird of the bunch, so I'm starting with it. It's from my friends Jeff and Jane of Baltimore, and I am delighted to wear it here. The other two will come up on the site in the next few days, followed by the weirdest of all, an anniversary present from my wife. It will freak you out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm still here!

My good pal Sophie Littlefield (for whom it's never a bad day for pretty) and I conducted a no-holds barred grudge match over at the Mulholland Books blog: