Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Irish Times Piece

Damn it, you all know how I hate to blow me own horn but here's a sweet piece from the Irish Times written by the fine Irish crime novelist and journalist Declan Burke, known to his chums and enemies alike as either "Dec" or "Hambone." No matter which side of that divide you count yourself on, the article concerns the Concord Free Press and mentions me and a book I wrote entitled "Rut," which as we all know is both a noun and a verb. Go forth and sin no more.


  1. Some people need a lot of help blowing their own horn. Here's the missing link:


    Now go forth and rut.

  2. I'm almost finished. It's fucking great, man.

  3. Just finished it today. Fucking awesome.

  4. No time to read. Still fucking.