Friday, September 3, 2010

The amazing and hilarious Tim Gilbert and the art of shaving your junk

Some of you Wichita hepcats may remember musician, actor and Kirby's Beer Store fixture Tim Gilbert, who decamped many years ago for London. Here's Tim explaining in a British TV commercial about pube-shaving (thanks to Michael Carmody for posting this originally):


  1. Gives an extra meaning to the term 'shaving tackle'.

  2. That's absolutely horrible. It's disgusting and it isn't clever. I'm going to fire off an angry letter to someone, in GREEN INK. This sort of thing has GOT to stop!

    Actually it's for a Philips web viral. Here's the original site:

    ...and for the Polish market:

    ...and found in several other strange places etc.

    By the way.........

    I've said too much already.