Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Thrift Store Masterpiece

Found this Sunday in an antique mall near St. Louis:

See how she's grasping that pink candle, like she's judging its size? Nuanced! Classy! And those breasts are the definition of perky. I think this might have come from Bob Guccione's yard sale. Here's a better picture of the middle section:

The subtle effect of the candlelight against the dark background evokes Delatour at his height--perhaps even Kincade--while the model with her wistful gaze seems to have wandered in from the saddest, most poignant 16-MM stag film ever made.


  1. She looks kinda sad about her fingers.

  2. Isn't that the Land-O-Lakes butter girl? I mean after she got lured off the rez by that logger, and then he dumped her for the stripper in Texarkana?

  3. I can't believe you found this, Scott. It's a self portrait I painted almost thirty years ago of my first ex-wife and I.

    She took it with her when she moved to the land of the giant arch. I'm surprised she was willing to part with it.

  4. It was that analytical gaze and judgmental expression that finally convinced me to make her pack her bags.

    It is captured here perfectly in the close-up.

  5. The breasts of the majority of women are paler than the rest of them, thanks to being banged up in solitary titty jail most of the time. This woman's aren't. Has she been sunning them with candlelight close-ups? What else has she been giving the close-and-personal treatment?

  6. I think she is the sister of the model from the old Lowell's Town & Country portraits, which the last owner refused to sell when he shut down the joint. Bastard.