Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Other People's Stuff

I have been accused (by my own self, even) of using this blog for shameless self-promotion. And so my next few posts, in order to restore karmic balance, will be shameless promotion of my friends' work.

Today's subject is my pal Julia Clift, an amazingly talented painter whose work I just saw for the first time last week (though I've known her for about a year). Here's one she painted in Norway in 2009, "Monika":

And this one, also from last year, entitled "Camera and Lanterns":

Her website is here:

There's a lot of implied narrative in her work, not unlike Hopper or the photographs of Gregory Crewdson, the kind of work that rewards repeated viewings.

And she's a real keen gal, too.

Next: Duane Swierczynski!


  1. That's great stuff.

    I think she would be the perfect match for painting the cover of your next book, Scott.


  2. i looked at these yesterday, and later I kept thinking about them. wish i had a bucket of cash to see if she'd sell me one.

  3. They do keep coming back to you, don't they?