Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jolly Coppers on Parade

I bought these two photos on eBay. They were listed as being from a "Springfield funeral ca. 1900," and I thought that with a bit of luck I might have stumbled upon photos of Lincoln's funeral procession in Springfield, IL in 1865. They're not--the hearse is wrong, for one thing, the photographic paper and speed of the exposure are certainly from the age of the dry plate, but they're lovely pictures anyway, presumably the funeral of someone important in some other Springfield somewhere else. (Maybe Mayor Quimby's great-great grandfather, "Honety Fitz" Quimby?)

These cops look like they might be headed for a rumble with these cats here:


  1. Springfield? Homers ancestors!!!! I adore a manly way of course.

    I give up.

    I'm technologically inept on a good day and have no idea how to track down your flash fiction thingy.

    Help is required by an old fart from England.