Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And now, the Deluge

Came back from Wichita with a whole lot of weird stuff to post. First, here's an addition to the collection of Creepy Law Enforcement Figurines.

Strictly speaking, they're Pinkertons and therefore private security, but close enough. This was in a Wichita Flea market. Next, from another thrift store, my brother's major find of the holiday season
That's right, it's a ghostly image of Der Bingle himself. I love how he looks a little surprised, a little scared, and a little bit delighted to boot. And check out that hair! Click to enlarge and savor it in all its Crobyite glory.


  1. You did good, but your brother totally wins.

    It makes me sad that some neice or cousin of the artist doesn't have that in pride of place above the fireplace. or in the powder room or something.

    happy holidays incidentally...though ice harvest has some of my favorite holiday scenes of all time...

  2. thanks, Sophie...yeah, he really scored. Now I want to find out who this Art Snow was.

  3. Do Bing's eyes follow you whenever you get up and walk around the room? The Pinkerton sculpture is real find, but not as creepy as the cop and the kid eating ice cream

  4. f'real? Art Snow is *totally* a fake name.

    And you know what, I think that all three of us should use it in a story in, say, the next month. What do you say?

    (can't help it, I'm bored today, need a challenge)

  5. P.S. Is that a snowman *and* an exclamation in his signature? need a closeup there...

  6. Jesus, Bing looks like an alien. That face is definitely going to haunt me.

  7. I intend to find out what I can about Mr. Art Snow.

  8. Looks like Bing just got the kooky idea to go over to Bob Hope's place and see who is sitting on the glass coffee table today.