Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boring Postcard

With apologies to the brilliant Martin Parr, who has published several collections of Boring Postcards that are worth checking out. This is a view of Wichita's famed Mid-Continent Airport circa 1970-75. I will try and be more diligent in posting than I have been lately.


  1. Oky doky Wichita, consider me enticed.

  2. The ultramodern facilities are amazing!

  3. aw, Keither, you should see 'em now. There's even a bar, something we couldn't have in the olden days. And a statue.

  4. I flown out of there once.

    There was a gift shop filled with Pizazz and clean dooky time facilities.

    The lighting left something to be desired, but it's in the Air Capital, so you let it be it's self.

    As a 12 year old boy, in the middle of the night, I drove Russ "Lord Cessna" Meyer's station wagnon 86 miles an hour down South down Edgmore (scaring the older boys [Russ Jr. and Curtis] enough for them shriek at me pull over and surrender the wheel), so I know something about airplane things.

    And THAT is a nice airport postcard, Brah.

    Yer Pal,
    Shanky der Liverton