Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plots with Guns

There's a new issue up at Plots with Guns featuring the amazing Frank Bill, the astounding Keith Rawson, and my own "Clyde Beatty's Prize Orang-Outang," an excerpt from my just-finished smutty novel Supply Sarge.

It's live now at


  1. Great story. Mood is perfect, and Ogden is a bad guy without being nihilistically evil.

    This is an excerpt from the book your agent wouldn't represent because she found it personally offensive, right? I read the first page of Rawson's story; is it more offensive than that?

  2. I am first in line for Supply Sarge when it hits, Scott. That move Ogden pulled with his ex-partner was some straight up brilliant shit.

    Dana--Thanks. BTW, if you thought my piece was offensive you should check out Frank Bill's Flesh Rule. Frank's piece makes mine look like a sixteen year old virgin with her hymen still intact. In other words, it's a fun read.

  3. Scott thanks for the props, it's an honor being in print alongside you. And Keith thanks for the horrid're a fucking nut...

  4. it's a dandy collection, from what I've seen so far....I am pleased to be lumped in with such a group of perverts...

  5. Keith,
    Finished your story this morning. Good stuff. I don't want to spoil it for anyone else, but, yeah, that was cold.