Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That Goes Double for that Cocksucker Dieter

Around 2000 I saw this guy in an upscale west LA supermarket. The hands-free phone era was new, and my first impression was that the man was a lunatic, shouting at some imaginary foe. After I figured it out I followed him surreptitiously around the store making mental notes, then went home and drew it on the crappiest piece of paper I could find. It still made me laugh when I dug it out of a box of papers the other day, though.


  1. "Dreamworks SKG" on his hat. Love that. Ther 'Bergs and Geffen must be so proud.

  2. Pretty fucking hilarious ...

    I think you'd pop a vessel if you had to walk down Chestnut in the Marina district of SF