Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Basement Sublet of Horror COMICS!!!!

 In the many months since I last blogged, exciting things have happened. Mostly not to me, but here's one thing with which I was tangentially involved:
That's right! The Basement Subvlet of Horror now has its own comic book, written by Gunther Dedmund himself, along with Rik Verlin Livingston, Paul Stockton, Derek McCullough and myself, and illustrated by Livingston, Jeff Kilian and Sy Grudko, along with photos by myself, Kris Hermanson and Gunther himself.


 You also get TWO trading cards with each copy.....
Above is one of legendary Wichita Horror Host Tom "The Host" Leahy.....
And this is one of ME!

You can get the first Fab issue from www.basementsubletofhorror.com! And if you like, you can request either of the above cards......