Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hey! Remember me?

All right, I'm the world's most unreliable blogger. I'd make some excuse like "I was busy" or "I had better things to do" but the fact of the matter is I am a lazy SOB.

Anyway, I went to France a month ago in preparation for a TV movie based on a book that's coming out there in September, Nocturne le vendredi. A large chunk of the book is set in an abandoned industrial kitchen underneath a women's dormitory owned by the University of Paris. There was some concern about this regarding the film adaptation, because the producers and my editor assumed I'd made the place up.

Not so! In fact, it's a building whose cafeteria I managed back in the early eighties. The building's director is still a good friend of mine and she and a colleague (who's the daughter of the woman who ran the building back in the day, I knew her as a small child running around the building with her sister) were kind enough to take me and my editor on a guided tour:

And on the way to the airport I shot this footage of the best busker I've heard in a while: