Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Filthy, Filthy eBooks for your Perverted Pleasure

It's been five months since I last bothered you, but I have important news: Two (2!)new e-books from Concord ePress, the electronic division of the Concord Free Press. The proceeds from these e-books go to support the Free Press's charitable mission in addition to helping pay my mortgage. The first, "Rum, Sodomy and False Eyelashes," is a collection of stories, including one previously unpublished and several that are hard to find elsewhere, and the second is "Rut," my dystopian novel published last year by Concord's Free Press division as a charitable giveaway. Only now you get a swell introduction by the very generous Gregory Maguire--author of "The Next Queen of Heaven" as well as a small cultural phenomenon you may have heard of entitled "Wicked." And there are other books in this d├ębut group, including one from Stona Fitch ("Senseless") and one by Matthew McBride ("Frank Sinatra in a Blender"--how can you resist that title?) Buy 'em all!

(And here are those links I failed to post yesterday when this first went up, you'll have to cut and paste them into your browser because for some reason this damned page won't let me post them as clickable links:

http://www.concordepress.com/rum sodomy and false eyelashes/